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JSSAA is now happy to invites members to submit papers, research notes, research prospects, research news, book reviews to our peer-reviewed journal "Journal of Southeast Asian Archaeology vol. 40".
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Please contact editorial members [ ] and express your interest for submitting an article by 28th June 2020 with the required information below.
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For the contributers; Please read and follow JSSAA_English Instruction when you submit articles.
The templates for paper submission can be downloaded from here; JSSAA_EnglishTemplate.
We are looking forward to receiving your contributions to our journal.

Journal of Southeast Asian Archaeology

Latest issue Journal of Southeast Asian Archaeology No.38 has been published.
You can download a table of contents from here.

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Proceedings for Southeast Asian Archaeology


  • 研究報告1号『東南アジア産陶磁器の生産地をめぐる諸問題-主に日本出土陶磁器の生産地を中心に-』
  • 研究報告2号『島嶼地域の諸相』
  • 研究報告3号『東南アジアの都市と都城』I
  • 研究報告4号『東南アジアの都市と都城』II
  • 研究報告5号『東南アジアの都市と都城』III
  • 研究報告6号『東南アジアの生活と文化 住まいと瓦』
  • 研究報告7号『東南アジアの生活と文化 塩の生産と流通』
  • 研究報告8号『東南アジアの生活と文化 飾る・祈る・標す : 南海の装身具』

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